Paris (May 23, 2023) – Leading Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) software provider Sciforma announces that SARIA has chosen the Sciforma Vantage platform for global consolidation and cross-functional cooperation on projects for its German and French IT teams. 

’Together toward a sustainable world and healthier living’ is the overarching purpose of all of SARIA’s activities,said a SARIA representative.Sciforma’s Vantage platform will equip us with the unique tools to manage our projects, costs, and ideas, in pursuit of our sustainable vision.” 

A leading service provider and manufacturer of quality products for the agricultural, energy, animal feed, food, catering, and pharmaceutical industries, SARIA collects, processes and makes (re)use of organic materials. Prior to partnering with Sciforma, the organization did not have a PPM system in place. They plan to utilize Sciforma’s capabilities in idea and capacity planning, resource management, time tracking, and project reporting to achieve greater cross-functional collaboration on projects. 

SARIA joins a growing pool of manufacturing companies using PPM for new product development. Sciforma’s manufacturing clients have achieved optimized resource utilization, accelerated product delivery, and consolidated analytics for faster, data-driven decision-making. 

Sciforma customers span a wide range, from SMEs to divisions of some of the world’s largest and most dynamic companies. To request a demo or information, contact Sciforma.

About Sciforma

Sciforma is one of the leading providers of Portfolio & Project Management (PPM) software, delivering solutions to more than a quarter million users worldwide for over 30 years. Boasting PPM, SPM, and CWM capabilities, Sciforma’s solution helps teams plan and deliver on strategic initiatives by making data-driven decisions about their project portfolios, resources, and strategic goals—all in one collaborative, customizable platform. The company stands out from its competitors by providing the optimal balance of usability and robust functionality, as well as project team and executive-level portfolio management for solving challenges with strategic communication, planning, tracking, execution, and more. In recent years, Sciforma merged with One2Team (2021) and KeyedIn (2023), thereby reinforcing its Project Portfolio Management and Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM) capabilities. For more information, visit: Follow us on LinkedIn.

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SARIA is a German family-owned company with operations around the globe. Committed to the principles of the circular economy, the Group’s activities are centered around converting products of animal origin and other organic materials into highly valuable and sustainable ingredients for the food, animal feed, pet food, pharmaceutical, and energy sector. “Together towards a sustainable world and healthier living” is the overarching purpose of all of SARIA’s activities, and we pursue that vision together with our employees and business partners in order to be the best partner for sustainable solutions. For more information, please visit

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