Systel, a Leading Manufacturer for Latin America


Systel is present in a dozen Latin American countries and is number 1 in sales in the Mercado Libre Scale category. The company provides advanced solutions in the fields of weighing, cutting, and labeling. Systel facilitates the management of its customers’ activities, placing the customer and its employees at the center of activity. But Systel doesn’t stop there: the company is now considering becoming an international technological transformation company, a market leader offering profitable and sustainable solutions


A long-time relationship with Sciforma

Systel is a long-term partner of Sciforma and has placed their trust in our PPM solution for more than ten years. Originally, Sciforma enabled Systel to create process flows, approvals, fields, and forms, as well as to plan projects through a friendly Gantt tool. Today, Systel has decided to move to Cloud for a quicker, customizable, easy-to-use version of the software.

Sciforma, the optimal PPM tool

The Sciforma PPM solution was chosen among at least twenty other market-leading tools because it enables Systel to customize processes, create forms, and, moreover, to provide extensive coverage of project processes from the creation of an idea.

Sciforma supports project management, financial management, risk assessment, monitoring (centralized or decentralized), portfolio management, strategy management, etc.

“Most competitors focus on specific processes, mostly time and resource management, leaving the more advanced areas of portfolio management uncovered.”

Thanks to Systel for the continuing trust in Sciforma solutions

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