Dialogues is a strategic communication agency based in the 17th arrondissement of Paris. As a consultancy firm, Dialogues chose Sciforma Deliver (ex-One2Team), to support one of their clients in the implementation of its strategic program.  

Dialogues, an innovative consulting agency for over 30 years

Specialized in designing and rolling out innovative digital campaigns, Dialogues has provided communication strategy consultancy for over 30 years.  The agency’s clients include household names in banking, insurance services, real estate, technology, and energy, such as Manpower, LCL, Total and Crédit Agricole.

Dialogues chooses the Sciforma Deliver (ex-One2team) Collaborative Work Management software

Dialogues has chosen Sciforma Deliver (ex-One2Team), a solution recognized by Gartner, to support one of its clients in its strategic program by providing a broad and collaborative vision. Sciforma Deliver (ex-One2Team) will also make it possible to track all project-related actions in a centralized manner and in real time.

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